About the Digital Archives

This gateway into the digitised collections of the Trust's Archives is regularly updated. The documents shown here are a small percentage of the entire collection, as the endeavor of digitising each of the hundreds of thousands of individual sheets of paper from the files kept by Baba's secretaries and others of His close ones, is ongoing and considerable. Along with the undertaking to record details about each document (for example with a letter - the writer, the recipient, the date and place written,) this is a many-lives venture for the archives team and helpers.

In recent years efforts were initiated to develop software which would allow the Archives to maintain a server-based database of these documents which could then function as the repository from which this website would allow public access to the digitised collections. What you see on these pages is the result of these efforts and is a dynamic work in progress. All document pages have been digitised back and front, whether there is content or not, so as you scroll through each document, please don't be surprised to see some blank pages.

Not only will the quantity of documents (and eventually other kinds of digitised collection items) continually increase but the kinds of display and access will expand to allow for more sophisticated interfaces and access. Welcome to the Avatar Meher Baba Trust Digital Archives - Meherabad. Enjoy your visit!